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I’m ready to hunt Maxie down and encourage her to spill the beans about Aidan’s paternity myself! I suppose that’s not surprising because I never faulted Robin for telling AJ the truth, either, and Maxie’s come closer to telling the truth than we’ve seen Liz do at all. Sure, there are some secrets that never should be told, but when they involve someone’s child, that rule doesn’t apply.

Just do it, girl!

Maxie needs to stop trying to be nice to Liz on this one, because Liz keeps rationalizing not telling Lucky and Nik when all her reticence boils down to is knowing it’ll be hard and that it will hurt them. But the longer she waits, the more harm will be done. I wonder what will finally push Liz to make the pronouncement? With Siobhan learning the truth, too, are we being treated to another round of everyone in Port Charles but the relevant party knows a secret? Is she really afraid Lucky will leave her to reunite with Liz when the paternity comes out? I think it’s more likely that Lucky will be rather angry with Liz for a while, despite having lost a son so recently. Liz has kept this secret for far too long, and her empathy points are rapidly draining away. Lucky will likely be angry when he learns Siobhan knew, too, and we all know he’s going to learn Siobhan knew. We’ll be waiting for the confrontation with bated breath.

So they tried to make him go to rehab, but he said no, no, no, until he said yes after some heartbreaking scenes where he was violent with both his children.

Lulu flees her own father.

When he yelled at Lulu and hit Lucky, you could see Luke lose that last shred of dignity, the hope that he was better than his father. I wanted to believe that he legitimately realized rehab was his only choice, but that big fat wad of bills offered to the rehab worker doesn’t bode well. Perhaps Luke’s convinced he has a problem now, but not convinced that rehab’s the way to deal with it? I’ll cling onto that hope until I learn otherwise.

A mobster, a hitman, and an assassin—If I were a judge, I don’t think it would be too much to ask for to have three men fitting these descriptions kept away from a child. The problem, of course, is that it can’t be proven in a court of law that Sonny, Jason, or Shawn are any of those things, and thus, Jax has no leg to stand on in insisting that his daughter be removed from a home where those figures come and go at will. It broke my heart to listen to Alexis explaining that to Jax. It’s not a reality that makes sense, but it’s the reality of living in Port Charles. Will Jax be able to accept that his hands are tied?

I’m amazed that Carly’s reasonable enough to not insist on full custody of Josslyn, but why can’t that reason extend to removing herself from the men who she knows have been responsible for putting her children in harm’s way in the past? Never intentionally, of course, but if you’re living in a home that’s on fire, you have to assume you might be burned. She loves Jason immensely—theirs is a bond that has only strengthened over the years, no matter how many times Jason has cleaned up Carly’s messes—and she loves Sonny, too, and doesn’t have the heart to separate him from his children. But the fact that she can never truly cut these men out of her life, and that she’s given up even considering that she should, is a character flaw in Carly that I’ll never truly understand. She’s selfish, vindictive, and many other unflattering adjectives, but those I can forgive a character, especially if they’re entertaining while doing it. Believing herself to be a good mother while she chooses to continue a life that brings danger to her children is something I cannot. I think Ingo Rademacher and Laura Wright are doing fantastic jobs bringing all these nuances of Josslyn’s custody battle forward in their expressions, even when the characters don’t ever say the words.

Carly showing a range of emotions, understanding Jax and denying that she does all the same time.

Jax was with Carly both times she wanted to cut Sonny out of her children’s lives, so it makes sense that he’d remind her of those decisions and try to bring that side of her out. But as we’ve seen time and time again, Carly cannot see her life without Jason and Sonny in it. It almost makes me pity her for not being able to imagine something better for herself and her children. I love that the history of her and Jason’s friendship is honored, but I lose respect whenever she ignores the reality of her choice to keep him in her life.

Did anybody else think it was kind of hot when Lucky punched Anthony Zacchara?

Lucky looking smooth right after throwing one Anthony's way.

Obviously, it was Anthony’s plan to provoke Lucky with taunts about Jake and Luke, and Anthony’s been doing plenty of taunting. I’m fairly certain Johnny places bets with himself on what topic Anthony will choose to chew scenery about each time he pauses before opening the door to his penthouse. Will it be about Claudia’s worthlessness? Lisa’s hot body? Ethan’s choice in wallet chains? Anthony’s got one-liners for all of them! It’s interesting that he’s started to recognize that Johnny might be badass enough to take over the Zacchara business, but I’m hoping that once Anthony officially offers him the reins, Johnny rejects him and the mob world again, realizing it’s never what he’s wanted, just what he’s known. Yes, I’m still holding out hope that he finds a lucrative career as a piano playing lounge singer in the Port Charles bar circuit.

Play it again, Johnny.

I love that guy when he’s performing. See you in two weeks for the specials!

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