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If anyone but Alexis and Sonny had flown off to save their child based on jumping to conclusions, I’d be less than enthused about this plot point. But I can overlook Molly’s misleading “making it official” because it resulted in two of the best exes ever contemplating the ways in which they were going to destroy Ethan. Alexis and Sonny have always done madcap well, ever since he first hired her as his lawyer and certainly through their entire romance of miscommunication. They are now at a point where both can freely harass each other for their shortcomings, all the while knowing they respect and care about each other.

"Go ahead, start your hyperventilating."

Frankly, if Sonny spent all his time with Alexis, Luke, and Robin, I think he’d be a much more enjoyable character! Something about that trio makes him endearing, which his romances often don’t achieve for me. Especially now, when he’s still not getting the message that the worst choice he can make with Brenda is to keep her in the dark about his business. He’s taking baby steps, at least, which I never thought would happen back in the days when they fought endlessly over trusting each other while Sonny refused to tell her anything about the realities of his life. It was surprising how matter of fact Robin was with Brenda during their dockside conversation.

"Honey, safe is not a word in our vocabulary."

Yes, as a mob wife and a mob friend, they can never assume they are safe, and keeping up those ties with Sonny ensures that’s the case. But I don’t begrudge them their connections to the mob because it benefits me, the viewer! Making Sonny palatable, and even rootable on occasion, is always something I appreciate. The aforementioned trio plus Brenda have in the past and continue to humanize Sonny and Jason in a way I’ve never quite experienced with other Port Charles residents. Of course, I imagine we all have our personal favorite Sonny friendship and romantic pairings; I’m just getting the ones I enjoy lately. Better keep my fingers crossed that it keeps up!

Speaking of Sonny’s relationships, he and Dante seem to have reached a sort of plateau. No more fighting, just an understanding that they are connected yet very, very different. During their capture of Suzanne, their back and forth banter was pretty hilarious. Sonny teasing Dante about not being as good a shot as Jason cracked me up, as did Dante making sure Sonny wasn’t serious after Suzanne’s gun had been wrestled away. I don’t like how Sonny keeps trying to order Dante around like he’s one of his lieutenants, but Dante’s not letting him, at least. I can’t guess what he’d do if he did end up in the position to turn Sonny, Jason, or Michael in anymore—is he more cop than brother or more brother than cop? I have a feeling we aren’t going to see forward momentum on that front for a while. We are getting plenty of Dante, the supportive boyfriend, though.

He’s handling Lulu’s crisis very well! She cannot be pressed one way or the other right now, because she’s determined to attach her life to Luke’s for the time being. Trying to explain that she’s being an idiot—in the nicer terms I sure Dante would come up with—would do nothing but make her retreat into herself. She just doesn’t have the ears to hear it at present. I don’t know where Dante picked up his relationship skills, but dang, he’s good at it! Too bad he didn’t get that free trip to Paris, though.

Liz’s temporary recast, Martha Madison, has done very well in her couple of days of airtime!

"Nikolas, if you say I'm not acting like myself one more time..."

I could picture Rebecca Herbst saying her lines instead, and I think that’s a sign of a job well done. Imagine not only inhabiting a character but also mimicking another actor’s portrayal of the character; that’s a tall order! I’m not sure how long she’ll be filling in, but I’m glad it’s not that jarring of a change.

Coming up we have another round of father and son posturing over rehab, alcohol, acceptance, and support. Frankly, I want Lucky to kick Luke to the curb and never look back—Luke Spencer is getting no pity from this quarter. He’ll have to save the world again before I’ll take him back!

See you in two weeks for the specials!

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