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Brenda Corinthos has made a harsh realization she hasn’t vocalized yet, and I hope something sweet will help her stomach it. Perhaps a slice of this week’s special dessert? It’s a creamy cheesecake made with tart apple cider mixed into the batter and a river of luscious caramel sauce running through the middle of it. With a dusting of cinnamon and cardamom and sprinkled crushed pecans, it’s a dessert that just might take the edge off realizing you can’t stay with the love of your life when you have a child to consider.

I’m pretty sure that’s the decision I saw in Brenda’s eyes when Sonny said to her, “I know you’ll do the right thing.”

Brenda's definitely using a different dictionary than Sonny to define "right."

He’d meant that she’d lie about how safe she and Alec are with Sonny, of course, but what I read in her expression was the realization that yes, she would do the right thing, which means leaving Sonny to keep her little boy safe. I wanted to applaud her quiet decision, even though I’ve long been a Sonny and Brenda fan. What a big step for Brenda to recognize that she can’t be selfish and stay with the man she loves because she’s a mother and her priority should be her child’s safety. I’ve never been so proud of Brenda Barrett. It’s a lesson that Carly’s learned over and over but has never had the willpower to go through with. Will Brenda muster some courage when all is said and done and leave Sonny for the sake of Alec’s safety?

I’m enjoying the conversations about whether or not Sam and Jason should get married. I think they should. They bend over backwards not to inconvenience each other with, well, each other, and I’d like that to change. They have an easy relationship right now, but it’s almost too much so—the spark isn’t there for me and taking their relationship to a new level might bring it back. Mostly, though, I love that Jason’s the one pressing the issue. Sam doesn’t want to pressure him into anything or change anything about him, but he does what to change! He wants to be married to his girlfriend! He hasn’t admitted it, but that’s definitely what I’m picking up from his reactions during their marriage discussions, and it’s awfully sweet. It also makes perfect sense that Sam would be hesitant to change anything about their present situation, especially if she wasn’t 100% sure that Jason wanted to.

"You show me your cards and I'll show you mine."

They’ve been engaged before and that did not end well after Jason’s amnesia, then her being shot, then Jason breaking up with her because he knew he was too dangerous to be around. And then we get into her sleeping with Ric, and Jason and Liz’s relationship and . . . Jason and Sam were in a really, really bad spot. It’s taken a lot of work for them to get back to where they are now—together, and in love. After years of struggling to achieve that again, I don’t blame Sam one bit for not wanting to jeopardize it by moving their relationship to the next level. But I hope she takes that leap of trust and decides she wants it anyhow. I don’t think a ring on a finger is necessary for love to work, but it sure can be a beautiful statement of trust.

Did I miss the scene were Lisa performed some sort of blood ritual and passed on “the crazy” to Siobhan?

Unhinged does not complement her coloring. Siobhan’s never been one to jump to conclusions before, and she’s been completely understanding of Lucky and Liz’s connection, giving them lots of space during Jake’s death and when Cameron was in the hospital after the ski trip. Plus, for a woman who harbored Aidan’s paternity secret for a time, she doesn’t have a whole lot of room to toss stones Liz’s way. I fail to believe that Siobhan thinks Liz would have given her the wrong medication on purpose; it’s so out-of-character for this down-to-Earth woman. Maybe the behavior’s meant to show just how little faith Siobhan has in her relationship with Lucky? I can’t blame her for that—Lucky and Liz have been oozing soul mate chemistry lately—so I suppose I can understand if she’s acting desperate, trying anything to hold onto him including painting Liz as an attempted murderer. It’s a shame, though, because she and Lucky had a fun relationship at first, full of witty banter and “who’s really undercover?” hijinks, and now . . . they’ve got a green card marriage and barely a scene by themselves. I call that turning a pot of gold into a pot of cold porridge.

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