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The special this week is called the Marriage Cookie, a twist on black and whites, those thick cake cookies with equal parts chocolate and vanilla frosting. The Marriage Cookie is two sides of the same coin, one an engagement celebration for a couple that’s been through thick and thin, and the other a marriage dissolution for a couple that’s been through even thicker and thinner. Jason and Sam’s side is a rich caramel frosting based on trust and acceptance. Sonny and Brenda’s is a bittersweet espresso fudge full of love that simply doesn’t match up with need.

Brenda needs to provide a safe home for Alec. She loves Sonny and had accepted that loving him meant she was putting herself at risk for the rest of her life, and that was okay as long as she was with him. But having a child to protect made staying with Sonny no longer the right choice for her or her child. I thought Vanessa Marcil knocked those scenes out of the park.

It was her best work since her return, and also her last work, because I don’t think we’re seeing Brenda again anytime soon, unless we actually get to see Robin make that visit someday. The focus on how Brenda was leaving Sonny for once, how she just kept repeating, “I’m leaving you this time,” was well done because it wasn’t said harshly or without love. It was a recognition of the irony of her choice in that this break-up wasn’t like their other ones. It was something new and maybe more mature.

I thought Sonny came across as too cold and too calm while Brenda talked with him, exclaimed over him, and pointed out again and again that he’s lost the parts of himself that made him a better man than the mobster he is. I suppose that was calculated; perhaps Sonny was playing the part Brenda wrote for him. I have to tell you, though, he broke my heart when he collapsed into the chair when Brenda left for the last time, shaking.

Once again, the mobster must live in his home, the symbol of his power, alone and without love. The emotion on his face reminded me of when he said to Jason, back when he and Brenda finally hashed things out over leaving her at the altar, that he would die remembering her face.

Moving on to happier couple moments, I’d forgotten how charming a nervous Jason can be! Everything about this engagement worked for me, especially because it was clear that Jason was doing it not because he thought Sam wanted it but because he wanted it. He worked with Maxie to make everything as perfect as possible, and you know spending time with Maxie is a drain on Jason’s very soul. He asked Sam out to dinner, and she made him work for it, prodding and poking as to his intentions before she’d agree. And when he finally asked, such hope shone from those baby blues that I couldn’t help but swoon, and I thought my swooning over Jason days were over.

Apparently, Saint Jason of Borg still has some tricks up his sleeves to impress even me.

It is sheer joy for me to watch so many scenes take place at ELQ, and Michael’s showing at least a moderate amount of interest in the company now. Who would have thought it? Of course, mob money infiltrating ELQ is nothing new—is Sonny on the board still?—but honestly, involving one of the mobsters in a story line has always been like giving that story line a blessing, so I don’t mind Anthony’s intrusion at all. Besides, we get to watch Michael spar with Tracy, and Tracy sparring with anyone has always been fun.

Robin as the chief of staff intrigues me more than I expected and not just because she’s pricking the egos of the Good Brothers Drake with her color-coded competence. She’s even willing to go head-to-head with Steve, the chief of staff on suspension, on issues she believes in, and that’s a good sign of the steel needed for the position. But bringing Liz back so soon is definitely an ill-advised choice, if only because it looks bad to have the suspension over already. And Siobhan definitely thinks it does!

I still don’t think bitterness and accusations look good on Siobhan, and I increasingly think the character’s not long for this show. The sole reason she’s in Port Charles is to get to know Lucky better, and instead, a wedge is being driven between them whenever she flings blame at Liz. I think she’ll be packing her bags and dissolving this green card marriage by mid-Fall.

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