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Sorry to inform you, but we are fresh out of the lithium special this week. Oh, all right, we’ve been out of it for three months now and counting. Yes, it makes some of our patrons a little more . . . volatile, shall we say? More inclined to frame people for rape and toss picture frames and clothes around the place? Certainly it does, but if no one’s willing to order it, we can’t keep it in stock, now can we? I’m sure I can find you something more to your taste. Perhaps the aged porterhouse with a gimlet on the rocks? There’s a private investigator in town who just can’t get enough of this manly, vintage pairing.

We have three unhinged individuals in Port Charles at present: Sonny off his meds, Spinelli off his rocker, and Lucky off his, well, hopefully not off the end of a pier. I was glad to be thrown an excuse for the more despicable behavior Sonny’s been showing lately, especially for framing Jax for a rape. Who can blame Brenda for leaving him after that? Of course, I’d have been out of there years ago, the first time I was shot up in a shower, but I could believe that Brenda was willing to place herself in danger for the man she loved. Seeing what Sonny was willing to stoop to was the final straw, and I’m glad that as a viewer, I can try to blame chemical imbalance for the act. It allows me to contain my loathing when he’s involved in great scenes like the ones with Robin and Jason in the past week. I’ve written many times about how I love the connection between Sonny and Robin, and even when he’s at his worst, she’s still unfazed. She may know the real him better than anyone, if there is anything left of that Sonny from the 90s who wanted to be a better man. I don’t usually like Sonny and Jason scenes, however, but the one last week was written very well.

Sonny comparing his current emotional state to Luke’s during that intervention and asking Jason, “It’s my life, why can’t I burn it down?” struck me especially hard. And Jason’s very insightful, “Brenda didn’t leave with Jax. She just—she just left,” came in a close second. Sonny totally knows he’s latching onto Jax as a thin excuse to not deal with Brenda leaving him for simply being the man he’s become. If he put that excuse aside, then he’d have to deal with how he’s failed completely at rising above the path he started on when he first came under Joe Scully’s wing. Sonny has to mourn both the loss of Brenda and the loss of himself. He better have taken those pills when he grabbed them to help him with that process.

How has it been weeks since Spinelli was released and no one has insisted that he needs mental help until now? I rather assumed things like this

Anyone else think he was about to pull an ace of diamonds from his hat?

were going on all the time when people LET HIM OUT OF THEIR SIGHT. Seriously, why did any of his supposed friends let him out of their sight for one second? He thinks he’s living in a spy novel, for crying out loud! I’ve enjoyed the break from Spinellisms, but Jackal PI needs to go straight to Shady Brook and not return until orange soda sounds delicious to him again. I’ve always wanted Spinelli to become a real boy someday, not an even more fictional character.

I must admit; I’m disturbed by how all this is seemingly making Maxie remember her feelings for him. Matt and Maxie are adorable; I don’t want the cute to end! But then again, Matt’s been showing more of his ass side lately, whining with Patrick about how unfair Robin is, making them be team players and all that. I think Carly sounded more grown-up when she threw a temper tantrum over not being the first person to know about Jason’s engagement—scratch that; it’s not possible for anyone to sound more childish than that.

And Lucky, poor drugged Lucky. He’s covered a lot of ground for a man stumbling around in a hallucinatory high! Man, what a bad trip.

I liked the return of Slutty Maxie to taunt him into using, but other than her appearance, I haven’t thought any of his hallucinations were interesting in the slightest. Watching people worry about him in reality has been much, much better. Liz and Dante working together to find him is great, and Ethan’s shown some nice character growth in realizing that he does care about his siblings and he can’t turn a blind eye to their issues like their father can. Ethan’s learning a valuable lesson: he’s a better man that Luke is. Sometimes, I’m not quite sure Lucky’s ever learned that fully.

Is it wrong that I want Abby to ultimately choose ELQ over Michael? I loved when she laid it on the line for him how much this job meant to her and how much she wants to prove herself. If he ever asks her to compromise herself to pull one over on the Quartermaines, I hope she flat out refuses. Woman power, Abby! Your career is totally worth more than a relationship with a wannabe mobster.

See you in two weeks for the specials! I really hope we get lithium back on the menu.

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