GH Music Selections

Many of you have written to ask who performed various songs that played during key scenes on General Hospital.  By popular request, here are a few from recent episodes: 

Airdate: 3/8/11 Nikolas and Brook Lynn’s romantic scene.
Song/Artist:  “I Got What You Want” by Tanya Gunn

(Song is available on iTunes)_________________________________________________

Airdate: 2/24/11 Sonny and Brenda’s wedding reception.
Song/Artist: “This Could Be” by Daena Jay

(Song is available on iTunes)

Airdate: Bus Crash of 2011 Commercials
Song/Artist: “Hang On” by Plumb

(Song is available on iTunes)

 Airdate: 1/10/11 Michael and Abby, he is in the background watching her pole dancing at the club.
Song/Artist:  ‘Bad For You’ vocals Holly Palmer

(Song is available on iTunes)

Airdate: 5/5/10 – Dante/Lulu make love.
Song/Artist: ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele 

(This song is available on iTunes) 

Airdate: 3/12/10 Romantic scenes with Dante/Lulu
Song/Artist: ‘You Come Around’  by Charity Chapman 

(This song is available on iTunes) 

Airdate: 3/10/10 Kristina’s dress montage for Keifer.
Song/Artist: ‘Palm Of Your Hand’ by Drew Pearson 

(This song is available on iTunes) 

Airdate: 3/7/10 Liz’s baby daddy drama / p 

Airdate: Used in many of the scenes with Franco 2009-2010.
Song/Artist: ‘Mad World’ by Adam Lambert 

Airdate: 7/22/09 Claudia almost collided with Micheal & Kristina on the road while Carly was watching.
Song/Artist: ‘Hey Now’ by Augustana. It can be found on thier 2008 album, ‘Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt. 

(This song is available on iTunes) 

Airdate: 5/12/09 and 5/15/09 Carly struggles to deal with Michael’s condition.
Song/Artist: ‘Things to Tell’ Rie Sinclair 

(This version is not commercially available) 

Airdate: 5/7/09 Nikolas and Rebecca get romantic.
Song/Artist: ‘Smile’ by Ryan Webster

(This version is not commercially available) 

Airdate: 4/30/09 Nikolas and Elizabeth Flirt.
Song/Artist: ‘Insatiable’ by Avion Blackman

(This song is available on iTunes) 

Airdate: 3/13/09 Robin drives out of town at the end of show instead of meeting Patrick.
Song/Artist: ‘One Goodbye’ by Jayson Belt

(This song is available on iTunes) 

Airdate: 3/13/09 Sonny & Claudia have sex.  Jax and Carly have sex.
Song/Artist: ‘We Keep Trying’ by Jen Hartry

(This song is available on iTunes) 

Airdate: 3/3/09 Sonny and Claudia have sex.
Song/Artist: ‘We Keep Trying’ by Jen Hartry

(This song is available on iTunes) 

Airdate: 3/3/09 End of show montage.
Song/Artist: ‘This Love’ by Robert Howard Hartry. 

(This version is not commercially available) 

Airdate: 2/24/09 Used throughout episode in which Maxie dreamed what life would be like if B.J. lived and she died.
Song/Artist: ‘Walking Away’ by Deborah Ellen/Rachel Lawrence

(This version is not commercially available) 

Airdate: 2/21/09 Johnny & Lulu make love.
Song/Artist: “Breathless” by Better Than Ezra 

(This song is available on iTunes) 

Airdate: 2/21/09 Kate’s surgery scenes, also Logan hospital scenes.
Song/Artist: ‘Take My Hand Precious Lord’ by Reighn Morton (ex-Cassius) 

(This version is not commercially available) 

Airdate: 2/19/09 Jax/Carly get romantic in the elevator.
Song/Artist: ‘Glow Worm Cha Cha’ by Jackie David 

(This particular version in not available, but other versions of this song are available on iTunes.

Airdate: 11/25/09 Carly walks in on Jax and Kate.
Song/Artist: ‘Lost Without You’ Peter McEvilly 

(This version is not commercially available) 

Airdate: 10/6/08 Ric and Claudia have sex!
Song/Artist: ‘One Thing On My Mind’ by Chauncey Jacks

[This song is available on iTunes ] 

Airdate: 10/1/08 Nikolas and Nadine have sex!
Song/Artist: ‘Just Close Your Eyes’ by Jason Belt 

[This song is available on iTunes ] 

Airdate: 9/26/08 Sonny and Kate’s Wedding
Song/Artist: Ave Maria – owned by ABC

(This version is not commercially available) 

Airdate: 9/9/08 Lucky and Sam love montage.
Song/Artist: ‘ Nothing Can Keep Me’ b Peter McEvilley 

(This version is not commercially available) 

Airdate: 8/21/08 Patrick proposes to Robin.
Song/Artist: ‘Cloud 9’ JJ Faris

[ABC owned, not available] 

Airdate: ‘This fall on GH’ 2008 ads
Song/Artist: ‘Wonderful Surprise’ by Shawn Hlookoff 

[This song is available on iTunes ] 

Airdate:  Ads featuring Maxie/Spinelli,  July/August 2008
Song/Artist: “Believe” by The Bravery 

Airdate:6/6/08 Jax and Carly scene.
Song/Artist:  “Push” by Sarah McLachlan 

Airdate: 5/23/08 – Lulu/Johnny love scene.
Song/Artist: “I’m In Love”  by Ana Victoria 

Airdate: 5/1/08 Emily and Nikolas saying goodbye!
Song/Artist: ‘Broken’ by Lifehouse 

Airdate: 3/12/08 End of show montage, which featured Claudia prepping to go out, Johnny finding himself in a new cell, Liz speaking words of encouragement to a seemingly asleep Jason, Trevor sneaking back into the mansion and Lulu leaving a comatose Logan just as his fingers started moving.
Song/Artist: ‘Stop And Stare’ by One Republic.  It can be found on their 2007 CD, Dreaming Out Loud. 

Airdate: 2/21/08 Lulu and Johnny make love.
Song/Artist: Breathless by Better Than Ezra\


Airdate: 2/14/08 Spinelli talking with Maxie during the B/W scenes.
Song/Artist: ‘My Funny Valentine’ sung by Bradford Anderson.  It can be found on the ABC Daytime CD. A Love Affair and can be purchased at 

Airdate: 1/21/08 – End montage.  Sonny purchases the restaurant in Bensonhurst with the Animatronics fortune teller machine and destroys it. Burns his card which reads ‘You will stand alone.’ He throws away the engagement ring for Kate on the corner street in Bensonhurst.  
Song/Artist: ‘I Should Get Up’ by Teddy Thompson from his CD ‘Seperate Ways’ 

Airdate: 1/10/08 – End montage.  Diane & Alexis bonding in a biker bar, Nikolas & Emily hugging in an elevator. Jason spying through a window as Liz fed their son, a monk tossing Lulu into a monastery room & Sonny missing Kate on the docks.
Song/Artist: ‘Ours to Keep’ sung by Debora Ellen & Rachel Lawrence 

(This version is ABC owned and not available – however there is another version that GH has used by artist: Kina Grannis that is available on iTunes) 

Airdate: 11/29/07 – Jason and Elizabeth’s theme, scene as they are making love.
Song/Artist: ‘Ours To Keep’ by Kina Grannis.  

(You can hear by going to Kina’s my space page
[This song is available on iTunes ] 

Airdate: 11/28/07 –  Song played during Emily’s funeral.
Song/Artist: ‘Mark’s Song’ by Eastmountainsouth which can be found on their 2003 self-titled album.  The song is also currently available for download on iTunes. 

Airdate: 10/30/07 –  Logan  teaching Lulu the Waltz at Kellys.
Song/Artist: “Something about you” by Rie Sinclair, Dan Beyer


Airdate: 10/2/07 – Sonny comforting a broken Kate as they make love.
Song/Artist: “Lost Without U” by Robin Thicke 

Airdate: 9/25/07 :  Elizabeth & Lucky discuss thier divorce.
Song/Artist: “Where You Are’ by Rie Sinclair (Liz & Lucky theme song)

[ABC Owned, soon to be available on iTunes]


Airdate: 9/24/07 – Barn scene, Jason and Liz are talking and kissing.
Song/Artist: “Ours To Keep” by Rachael Lawrence/Debbie Ellen.


Airdate: 9/17/07 – Hot Tub Scene with Sam & Lucky.
Song/Artist: “Like A Song’ by Robert Howard Hartry

[ABC owned, soon to be available on iTunes] 

Airdate: 8/8/07 – Logan surprises Lulu with ballons, cake and a gift for her birthday.
Song/artist: “Something About You” written by Rie Sinclair, Dan Beyer. Sung by Ryan Hanifl 

[ABC owned, will be available on iTunes soon.] 

Airdate: 5/14/07 – At the Metro Court, Sam is having a drink after overhearing Jason is the father of Elizabeth new baby boy.
Song/artist: “Lost Without You’ by Peter M. McEvilley

[ABC owned, is not available to the public]. 

Airdate: 5/4/07 – Jason is watching his baby boy being born as Elizabeth fights for her life.
Song/artist: “Underwater’ by Vertical Horizons

(Thanks to a fan for submitting this information) 

Airdate: 4/12/07- during  Jason and Sonny’s shootout. 
Song/artist: “Shooter.” It’s by Robin Thicke and is readily available. 

Airdate:  3/6/07 Flashback montage for Alan during his memorial service.
Song/artist:  – “So are you to Me” by  Eastmoutainwest 

Airdate:  2/21/07 – Carly & Sonny – in the bathtub! 
Song/artist:  – ‘The Nearness of You’ by Norah Jones 

Airdate: 2/19/07 Opening montage during the Metro Court Hotel hostage crisis.
Song/artist – ‘One Goodbye’ written  Bob Hartry, sung by Jayson Belt 

[Now available on iTunes]. 

Airdate: 2/1/07 – Opening Montage.
Song/artist: ‘Twisted Transistor’ by Korn 

Airdate: 1/9/07 – Lorenzo Alcazar’s surgery.
Song/artist- ‘Notice Me’ by J. J. Farris 

Airdate: 12/22/06 –  Christmas montage.
Song/artist:  ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ by Sarah McLachlan 

Airdate: 12/16/06 – Carly and Jax make love!
Song/Artist: “Patience’ sung by Jayson Belt, front man for The Red West and written by Robert Hartry. 

[The song is ABC owned] 
To hear more of Belt’s music, visit or 

Airdate: 12/1/06 Nikolas/Emily celebrate what would have been their second wedding anniversary by making love.
Song/artist: ‘Touch Your Skin,” by Robert Hartry and Jayson Belt and the 2nd song used was “I Do Love You’ by Robert Hartry, Avon Blackman and Mark Mohr. 

[Both tunes are owned by ABC and are not available to the public] 

Airdate:11/22/06 Luke/Nikolas/Lucky/Lulu are saying goodbye to Laura.
Song/artist: “Angel” by Robin Thicke. 

Yes, it is available in stores! Find it on his CD ‘The Evolution of Robin Thicke’. 
[FYI, Robin is the son of Alan Thicke] 

Airdate: 11/16/06 – Luke/Laura dancing.
Song/artist: Fascination by the Richard Hayman Symphony Orchestra (available on Evening in Paris CD) 

Airdate: 11/20/06 – Montage ending of show.
Song/artist: ‘Both Sides Now’ by Joni Mitchell (available on her Dreamland CD) 

Airdate: 9/15/06 – end of show montage. Elizabeth finds Lucky’s pills.
Song/artist: “It’s Already Over” by Rie Sinclair.  

[ABC owned and not available for purchase] 

Airdate: 8/14/06 – End of show scene as Sam walks up to Jason’s door.
Song/artist:  – “Step of Faith” by Rie Sinclair 

[ABC owned and not available for purchase] 

Airdate:  8/14/06 – Elizabeth & Jason make love. 
Song/artist:  “Touch your Skin” by Robert Hartry. 

[ABC owned and not available for purchase] 

Airdate: 5/29/06 – Robin & Patrick make love.  
Song/artist: “Collide” by Howie Day. 

Airdate” 5/24/06 – Lorenzo ‘mobster monologue/Jason scene.
Song/Artist: “Long Way To Go” by Jim Goodwin

[ABC owned and not available for purchase] 

Airdate: 5/22 & 5/23/06 – Maxie & Lucky dancing.  
Song & Artist- “Give To You” by JJ Farris 

[ABC owned and not available]. 

Airdate:5/4/06 at Jakes’, Liz/Laney/Kelly/Emily & Robin drinking tequila.
Song & artist: “Naughty Girl” by Beyonce from her “Dangerously In Love” CD.  Also “Fly Away” by JJ Farris. was used at the end of this scene where Robin kisses Patrick on the check.

[This titled is ABC owned and not available]. 

Airdate:4/5/06 Alexis & Sam are locked in the room together.
Song/artist:”Come With Me” by Robert Hartley & Rie Sinclair. 

[This titled is ABC owned and not available]. 

Airdate: 2/27/06…and so it ends! Monologue
Song/artist: “Answer” by Sarah McLachlan. 

Airdate: 2/20/06 – Emily & Sonny make love.
Song/artist – “I Fall” by Something Like Silas. 

Airdate: 2/15/06 – Georgie & Dylan – the fantasy wedding.
Song/artist: The Very Thought of You by Steve Tyrell. 

Airdate: 2/2/06 – Skye/Lorenzo make love.
Song/artist.  “Under Your Spell” by Ana Victoria 

Airdate: 1/2/06 – New Years Episode 
Song/artist:  The version of Auld Lang Syne that was used was sung by Kate Taylor (sister of James Taylor). 

Airdate: 11/01/05 – During Liz & Lucky’s honeymoon scene. 
Song/artist: “Where You Are” by Robert Howard Hartrey & Rie Sinclair.  

[Now available on iTunes] 

Airdate: 10/17/05 – Sonny’s shootout with the Ruiz family, episode.
Song/artist:  “I Just Wanna Live” by Good Charlotte.  

Airdates: 10/14/05 & 10/17/05  Sam & Jason saying goodbye.
Song/artist: “Just You and Me,” written exclusively for GH by Robert Hartry & Rie Sinclair. Sung by Jayson Belt.

[Now available on iTunes). 

Airdate: 9/2/05, end of the show monologue.
Song/artist: “Just You and Me,” written and performed exclusively for GH by Robert Hartry & Rie Sinclair.  This is Jason/Sam’s song and is played often on GH.

(This song is available on iTunes) 

Airdate: 8/16/05 -Sonny, Carly & Reese scenes.
Song/artist: “Hold On Tight” written and preformed by Rie Sinclair and Robert Hartry. 

The song – was also used when an imprisoned Nikolas shaved while awaiting Emily’s visit.

[ABC owned and is not currently available]. 

Airdate: 8/2/05 – Lucky leaves Liz scenes.
Song/artist: “Where You Are” by Rie Sinclair 

[Now available on iTunes] 

Airdate: 6/6/05 – Sonny/Reese lovemaking scene.
Song/artist: “Glow”  performed by Robert Hartley and Rie Sinclair

[Available on iTunes]. 

Airdate: 4/4/05 – Jason and Sam dancing in the rain and again on 4/20/05, when Jason and Sam watch a shooting star.
Song/artist –  “Just You and Me,” written and performed exclusively for GH by Robert Hartry & Rie Sinclair. 

[Available on iTunes]. 

Airdate: 3/25/05 and during the replay on 3/28/05, during the church shoot out between Sonny, Jason and Faith,
Song/artist:  “War” performed by Joan Osborne and is available on her 2002 CD, “How Sweet it Is.” 

Airdate: 3/11/05 Georgie & Dillon make love for the first time.
Song/artist: ‘Couldn’t Love You More’ by Edwin McCain off his 2004 album Scream & Whisper. 

Scene/Airdate: 2/28/05 Jason shoots Faith in a church.
Song/Artist: ‘Lacrimosa Dies llla’ from Mozart’s Requiem in D Minor.  This piece was also used in GH’s  2005 Daytime Emmy montage. 

Airdate: 12/04 -Emily and Nikolas scenes.
Song/artist: “Silence” by Delerium, featuring Sarah McLachlan. It can be found on Deleriumm’s CD, Karma. 

Airdate: 11/4/04 – Courtney and Jax scene.
Song/artist: “Come Be With Me” by Amy Grant and Keb ‘Mo’ and is available on her Greatest Hits 1986-2004. 

Airdate: 7/28/04 & 10/6/05 – Fan Request – Song sung by Georgie Jones on 7/28/04 than again on 10/6/05 in background at a college dance.
Song/Artist: George sang “Girls In The House” (ABC owned) and the song that was playing in the background in the scene on 10/6/05 was “Get Outta My Head’ by Michele Vice-Muslin, Jesscia Firth and Larry Treadwell.


Airdate: 7/26/04 – Carly and Sonny reconciled. 
Song/artist: ‘Twilight Serenade’ written and sung by Rie Sinclair and Robert Hartly 

[Owned by ABC and not currently available] 

Airdate: 11/18/02 -Jax and Brenda make love.
Song/artist: ” A Thousand Years” by Sting 

On are about: 11/2002 – Brenda is at the  church waiting on Sonny.
Song/artist: “Amazing Grace” by Judy Collins 

Airdate: 2/9/99 Lucky takes Liz to buy a Valentine’s dress.
Song/artist: ‘No One’ by Athenaeum from their CD ‘Radiance’ 

Airdate: 5/29/98  After Laura confronts Luke about all the lies he has told her, end of show montage.
Song/artist: ‘Frozen’ by Madonna from her CD ‘Ray of Light’ 

Scene: Robin and Jason scene at a seaside resort.
Song/artist: “Dance With Life” by Bryan Ferry. It can be found on the movie soundtrack Phenomenon. 

The Year was 1995

Here are a few of the songs used on General Hospital in 1995.  Although I can only remember one of the scenes for one of the songs.  Still a little FYI. 

Scene: Brenda makes love with Miquel.
Song/Artist: “Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing” by Chris Isaac

Another song used for this couple
Song/Artist: “Shadow In A Mirror’ by Chris Isaac 

Also used that year:
Song/Artist: “Can I Touch You There’ by Michael Bolton 

Airdate: November 1, 1993 Luke and Laura dancing at the Triple L Dinner in Canada.
Song/Artist: ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ by Brian Ferry 

The year was 1993.
The day Dominique died from her brain tumor, Scott Baldwin was remembering her life. 
Song/artist: ‘Never Saw A Miracle’ by Curtis Stigers, off his 1991 self-titled CD. 

The year was 1983. The Scene is Laura returning to Port Charles after her capture by the Cassadines. The song “Think of Laura’ by Christopher Cross. 

The year was 1981, the scene was ‘Luke & Laura’s’ wedding.  The instrumental piece was ‘Fascination’ 

Frisco Jones serenaded Felicia throughout their courtship with “Lady of My Heart by Jack Wagner. 

Do “YOU” know the title, performer and airdate of an important General Hospital song?  If so, send the information to