GHFCW Reservation/Hotel Information

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The General Hospital Fan Club Weekend Hotel of choice is the Embassy Suites Hotel in Glendale, CA. Please read the following information carefully! These are the details I am given, good luck to everyone!

Our GHFCW Block will go on sale Saturday, February 1 at 9:00 p.m. PST. To break it down barney style that is Saturday night at midnight for those who live on the east coast. This means that when the clock turns over to midnight from Saturday to Sunday, our block is supposed to go live.

Please keep in mind that we’ve previously had issues where the Embassy Suites have not been easily able to explain why this is the process, but we advise that you double-check with the hotel at 9:00 p.m. PST on Saturday, February 1. Similarly, there is no harm in checking at 9:00 p.m. EST as there have been circumstances in the past in which rooms have sold out sooner than expected due to the time confusion.

I’ve asked the hotel to allow reservations over the weekend, which is not a common practice, in order to accommodate those who need to go to work the next morning had we started room reservations during the workweek as had been done in the past. The hotel has agreed as a courtesy. Keep this in mind when making your reservation as any issues you encounter can only be addressed on Monday, February 3, the earliest.

Hopefully, the information provided here will help many of you in making your room reservations. However, not everyone will be able to reserve a room. There is a limited amount of bookings available due to space. With that said, when booking your rooms, please make sure to use the Code: GHW

About Room Reservations:
Only double bedded rooms are available for booking during the GHFCW. The hotel has stated that if someone is in need of a king room, you must first book a double-bedded room and then email me ( so that I can provide you with contact information for someone that might be able to help in the sales department. Note: There is no guarantee your request for adjustments to your original reservation will be accommodated. Additionally, individual sleeping room cancellation is one week prior to the date of arrival, to avoid one night’s room and tax charge.

There are a couple of requests that I ask of you if you plan to book a room:

  • Please do not book a room if you do not plan to attend and use it. Do not book on just a maybe. This takes rooms away from those who do need a room and do not get in on the block, which also might deter their attending scheduled events.
  • If you book a room, and for an unforeseen reason you are not able to attend, please email me and give me the option of exchanging that room for someone who may need it. Once you call and cancel directly with the hotel, I cannot retrieve that room and exchange it for someone else to utilize due to the hotel’s not informing me of any cancellations. Therefore, our block loses a room and fans lose out on discounted rates. Please be considerate.
  • The deadline for room exchanges is June 1. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Room rates are $174.00 per night (Thursday through Sunday only), and includes the following amenities:

  • Complimentary Full Breakfast with a Cooked-To-Order Omelet Station
  • Complimentary Evening Manager’s Reception
  • Internet: $5.00 (valued at $9.95)
  • Parking: $10.00 daily, per car (valued at $21.00 per car, per day)

Making Reservations:
Booking online is available via When making your reservation put in the online code GHW in the group code box. You can also call the hotel directly:

  • Embassy Suites – 1-800-EMBASSY (362-2779)
  • Hilton Hotel – 1-800-HILTONS (445-8667)

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GH Fan Club Weekend 2020 Tickets

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Click here to download the order form for the Kickoff Welcome Reception – Thursday, July 30

Click here to download the order form for the Main Cast Luncheon – Saturday, August 1

Click here to download the order form for Platinum tickets to the Main Cast Luncheon – Saturday, August 1 – SOLD OUT

Click here to download the order form for tickets to One Night Only with Roger Howarth and Michael Easton

Click here to download the order form for tickets to Wake Up With Ingo

Click here to download the order form for tickets to the BFF Event with Emme & Kirsten

Please read your order form carefully. We cannot process incomplete orders or orders with incorrect payment.

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Nothing General About It by Maurice Benard

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The Emmy Award-winning star of General Hospital chronicles his astonishing and emotional life journey in this powerful memoir—an inspiring story of success, show business, and family, and his struggle with mental illness.

Maurice Benard has been blessed with family, fame, and a successful career. For twenty-five years, he has played one of the most well-known characters on daytime television: General Hospital’s Michael “Sonny” Corinthos, Jr. In his life outside the screen, he is a loving husband and the father of four. But his path has not been without hardship. When he was only twenty, Maurice was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

In Nothing General About It, Maurice looks back to his youth in a small town and his tenuous relationship with his father. He describes how his bipolar disorder began to surface in childhood, how he struggled to understand the jolting mood swings he experienced, and how a doctor finally saved his life. For years Maurice was relentless in his goal to be a successful actor. But even after he “made it,” he still grappled with terrifying lows, breakdowns, and setbacks, all while trying desperately to maintain his relationship with his wife, who endured his violent, unpredictable episodes. Maurice holds nothing back as he bravely talks about what it was like to be medicated and institutionalized, and of how he learned to manage his manic episodes while on the set of GH.

Nothing General About It is also an incredible love story about an enduring marriage that demonstrates what those vows—for better, for worse, in sickness and in health—truly mean. Maurice also pays tribute to the community that has been there for him through thick and thin, and ruminates on the importance of both inherited and created family.

A shocking, riveting, and utterly candid memoir of love, adversity, and ultimately hope, Nothing General About It offers insights and advice for everyone trying to cope with mental illness, and is a motivational story that offers lessons in perseverance—of the importance of believing in and fighting for yourself through the darkest times.

Nothing General About It includes a 16-page insert featuring approximately 50 photographs.

Pre-order yours today at AMAZON

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A Book of Poetry by Wes Ramsey to be released on Halloween Day 2019!
Wes is thrilled to announce the imminent release of his newest collection of works INTO THE BLACK. After the successful launch of his first volume SALT & SAND in 2014 (which has now been retired to history), Wes has been preparing for this and is pleased to have finally arrived.

Once released, it will be available for purchase at !

About The Book!
INTO THE BLACK is a larger full volume of poetry, compiled of pieces written between 2002 & 2017. This volume is a raw look inside the journey between life’s struggles & the beauty of the gift within those struggles that make us who we are. It is an intimate glimpse into the heart and mind of an artist who has endured.


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