“Port Chuck” Rocked the Audience At Their Performance

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Steve Burton (Jason Morgan), Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara), Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli), and Scott Reeves (Steve Webber) brought the house down with their energetic and powerful performance at the GH Fan Club Weekend this year!


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– A membership kit full of photos and other goodies.  List your favorites and we will try to accommodate your interests as availability allows.

– Two newsletters loaded with news and updates about General Hospital

– Periodic Contests

– Access to the General Hospital Fan Club e-mail network

– Advance notice and reduced ticket costs to the annual GH Fan Club Luncheon and Kick Off Party held in Studio City, California each summer.



– USA  $28.00

– Canada  $33.00, US funds only

– Foreign Countries $38.00, US funds only

– Checks must be made payable to Debbie Morris (only)
– If you feel the need to write GHFC Membership on your check, please do so in the body,  there is a memo area for that.  Thank you.


By US Postal Service:

Print out and fill out the sign up sheet

Enclose the sign up sheet and your payment in the appropriate amount and mail to:

Debbie Morris
GHFC Membership Request
PO Box 96737
Houston, Texas  77213

By computer:

Fill in the information requested on the sign up sheet, paste it in an e-mail and send it to ghpcfanclub@aol.com.  If your PayPal address is different from the email address you are using to sign up, please note BOTH ADDRESSES on your sign up and on your PayPal payment in the “notes” section.

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About the GH Fan Club President

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Debbie Morris (right) with Rebecca Herbst (Liz)

Debbie Morris has been the General Hospital Fan Club President since 1988 when Executive Producer, Wendy Riche asked her to take over from the retiring fan club president.  By that time, Debbie had already distinguished herself in fan club representation through her work with John (ex-Sean Donely) and Liz Reilly.

While her more than three decades of experience working with GH fans is an impressive resume in and of itself, what Debbie is most proud of is the fact that her devotion to what she does comes from her own proud and enthusiastic status as a dedicated GH fan.

She is quick to say that she puts in the long hours of hard work doing her job is because she truly loves the show and has incredible respect for the actors and staff members.  In fact, Maurice Benard and Tony Geary can still make her blush.

When General Hospital announced it was producing a spin off show called “Port Charles,” Debbie was asked to head up that fan club as well and did not hesitate with her support.

The premier GH fan event of the year is the highly anticipated and well attended annual GH Fan Club Weekend, held each July in Van Nuys, California.  A year of planning and hard work goes into the production of this event and Debbie devotes countless hours to organizing the Kick Off Event, Main Luncheon, individual actors events and specialty events such as the memorable “Past Cast Party” for the 40th anniversary year.  She arranges hotel accommodations for the event, schedules actors, sets up photo ops for the press, processes ticket requests, stuffs envelops, manages the official newsletter for the club and answers the many questions that come in about the events.  In between all of this, she processes the many membership applications she receives and acts as a liaison between the GH fans and the studio.  On an average day, she estimates that she receives and processes approximately 200 pieces of mail, including snail mail and e-mails with that increasing significantly around the time of the GH Fan Club Weekend.

Debbie’s commitment as GH Fan Club President is to make the fans happy in whatever capacity she is able to do so.  She tells a story of when she, before her days of being officially affiliated with ABC Daytime, flew to Los Angeles with a friend in the press who was interviewing an actor in the GH studio.  Because she wasn’t press, Debbie had to wait outside at the gate and she decided then and there that if she ever had access to a place like the General Hospital Studio, she’d make sure she shared the privilege with as many others as possible.

With that motivation in mind, over the years she’s arranged innumerable studio tours and meet and greets between fans and actors.  However, with security becoming a major issue, studios have been forced to limit public access.  Her commitment to the fans of General Hospital remains top priority because first and foremost, she too is a fan.

A busy, dedicated woman, Debbie makes herself available to the legions of daytime fans seeking information ranging from how to contact their favorite stars to studio policies.  If she doesn’t know the answer, she knows who to ask.  Her greatest asset as a Fan Club President is in understanding the mind and needs of the fan, mostly because she, herself, is a proud and dedicated fan of ABC Daytime.

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