The Doctor’s Order

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gourmez3Can you feel it in the air? There’s an action adventure storyline coming, and it will involve Robin, the Scorpios, the Joneses, the Spencers, the everyones. The Ice Princess will tie in, too, and maybe Pickle Lila is the key to disabling it. Whatever’s coming, it will be glorious. And I will be watching.

I know Robin must be rescued sometime this year, and Robert cured from Faison’s poison, but in the meantime, Robin’s daughter keeps me entertained. You all cracked up when she told Britt, “Poof. You’re gone,” right?

poof emma

If only it were true. You know what did poof from my memory? Patrick’s addiction to drugs last summer. I was so confused to see him with that Narcotics Anonymous group, and then I laughed when I remembered why. That was one of the fastest drug addiction storylines I can remember, and General Hospital has had plenty of them. Sabrina’s angst over killing Detective Carson has taken twice as long to sort through. I won’t even mention Connie and Kate’s angst over Trey, but I will mention something else about that whole mess.

kate angry

Kate’s become kind of a jerk in her time out of commission! I know, I know, Kate was always the ice queen of Crimson, but she had no empathy for what it would be like for Sonny to be without her for six months or for anyone else about Trey’s death. But I’ll still take her over Connie any day—all days, in fact.

My interest in Frisco ratcheted up instantly when he went to see Maxie, and I loved him threatening Britt.

frisco britt

But having her beat up seems a tad too far, and he’s been using Maxie as a means to woo Felicia. I find that despicable, especially for a deadbeat dad like him, but why does it do something to me when he flirts with Felicia? Why?! I don’t want to be drawn into a triangle between him, Mac, and Felicia, but I fear I have no willpower when it comes to that man. Here’s hoping Felicia has more.

The show is stringing me along, giving me chemical analysis instead of Tracy and Duke in chefs’ hats like I crave. So for now, my interest in Duke is solely in oohing and awing over his awesome style. That suit last Friday was beautiful!

duke suave suit

It’s the pattern I really liked. Duke may be floundering without much to do right now, but he does it so suavely I can’t bring myself to care. Also looking gorgeous was Olivia in her wedding dress.

olivia wedding dress

A bedside wedding for them seemed perfect, especially because we all felt the axe hanging over Steve’s head. Surviving the stabbing was a major plot twist! I’m glad they let him live, and having him serve time for the Memphis affair at last is a bit of poetic justice. Steve is a good guy, but I wasn’t comfortable with that being waved off in the first place, so I’m glad to see it happen. But that’ll make two good guy doctors who have had to pay for their crimes in the last year and they’ve done so nobly, without a fight. Dr. Matt Hunter was the first. It feels unfair when Sonny has never paid for his crimes behind bars. At least Johnny’s doing time now.

Prescription for Better Soap: Please let bringing all these WSB agents (I’m waiting on you, Sean Donnelly!) and the Ice Princess back pay off with a dramatic Robin rescue. Keep dressing Duke nicely so I can keep ogling him with no shame. And whatever you’re doing to make Frisco appeal to me despite his many flaws, keep it up. I hate that I’m weak, but it hurts so good.

See you next week for my next prescription!


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