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gourmez3I didn’t think it could happen. But with the nostalgia fest that is this 50th anniversary year, it has. What is this surprising turn of events? That my Sonny and Brenda heart still beats despite knowing Vanessa Marcil is here on only a limited engagement. Despite being subjected to a year of Sonny supporting both a vapid fiancé and her highly obnoxious, annoying, time-sucking mess of an alter. Despite being fully aware that toxic is the definition of Sonny and Brenda’s relationship. Despite all that, I still love ’em.

It makes it easier for me to when Jax is the only pairing for Carly I’ve truly enjoyed, and that’s even after I spent the beginning of their romance horrified they were stealing Nikolas’s child. They won me over, in large part because Carly is tolerable when she believes a good man like Jax loves her.

jax carly

I believe he does, too. I was shocked he’d get engaged to Brenda again because it’s so obvious she’ll always return to Sonny no matter whether it’s healthy to do so. That couple’s angst-filled past appeals to Brenda in the same way it does to this viewer—I can’t let it go, even if it’s in my best interests. The end of the episode engagement reveal was classic soap, especially because both pairs had mature conversations until then. I resigned myself to accepting Jax and Brenda’s ride into the sunset that night, but lo and behold! The next day’s episode made it absolutely clear Brenda would prefer Sonny if she could get him!

But, we would be together if...if...right?

But, we would be together if…if…right?

It was hilarious listening to Carly perfectly break down Brenda’s motives for being with Jax—I didn’t think she’d be right about them! Yet Brenda took up with Jax again just to provoke Sonny because she’s knows it’s a surefire way to rile him up. And once Jax entered their conversation, it was a vintage Sonny and Brenda fight, tongues lashing in just the right ways to hurt each other. Like I said, I know their relationship isn’t healthy, but it’s sure fun for me to watch. Poor Jax must feel like such a putz.

jax brenda fight

I am proud of him for walking out that hotel door and hopefully leaving Brenda behind for good. He doesn’t deserve to be played for a fool. But all things considered, this storyline is a welcome revisit from the past for me.

And so is the Spencer-Cassadine affair, although I wished the actual action part lasted longer. All their other scenes of constantly shifting gun ownership are so worn at this point. Helena always has the upper hand. I laughed when Ethan begged for someone to shoot him just so he didn’t have to listen to her threats any longer. And I cheered when Luke finally shot her instead.

luke shoots helena

Ding, dong the witch is dead! I love Constance Towers. She’s a beautiful woman and a great talent of an actress, but Helena’s curse needed to be broken. Of course, that makes finding Lulu that much more difficult, and I’m not sure how much more of despairing Dante I can handle.

dante hot despair

Scratch that. When he’s that hot, I can handle a lot. What was almost too much to handle, however, was the fake-out confrontation between Lulu and Maxie.

lulu last scene

I knew it had to be a dream, being as Lulu is kidnapped and all, but it was so heartbreaking. It cut Maxie deep when Lulu yelled, “I wanted my baby, not your baby.” So many tears, and such a deep well of feelings for them to come from. The Maxie and Lulu friendship has been one of the great successes of Julie Marie Berman’s time on the show, and I’m glad she had the chance to act out that emotionally resonant scene with Kirsten Storms.

Maxie’s scenes with Felicia last week were also welcome, mainly because watching long-absent mothers and daughters bond makes me happy in so many ways.

jones bonding

They look so much like family, and Felicia has a convincing maternal quality when she’s allowed to use it. She’s one of those characters that shines when she remembers to be the mature character she should be by now rather than the flighty one who’s still considering a return to Frisco. Yes, I realize it makes me a hypocrite to cheer on Brenda’s enduring fixation on Sonny while chiding Felicia for hers—different strokes for different folks? I like what I like and I can offer no good explanation for it. I also like that Mac’s standing up for himself and not talking to Felicia once she admitted she’s not 100% his. But he’s also more confident than he has been in the past that she’ll choose him in the end, and that’s attractive.

Mr. Marbles? Not so much.

mr marbles

I sincerely hope John J. York doesn’t consider himself a ventriloquist, because there is no time when his lips aren’t moving while speaking for that dummy. But Mac’s enthusiasm for the incredibly dorky act charms me as well. I think Mac can do no wrong with me right now.

Then again, that applies to all things Nurses’ Ball. I have no words to describe what happened during Richard Simmons’s appearance, but I loved every minute of it.

richard simmons

Where can I get one of those Nurses’ Ball hoodies? I’ve already called for a Pickle Lila t-shirt. Get on both, ABC merchandising!

Prescription for Better Soap: Let that old-time angst-roller of Sonny and Brenda keep running as long as Jax isn’t flattened beneath it. More scenes of Maxie and Felicia bonding would be appreciated, especially because that dream with Lulu was only a taste of how bad it may be when the truth comes out and Maxie will need all the support she can get. And while you’ve built up much goodwill with me for the Nurses’ Ball, don’t press your luck too hard. Okay, I can’t even laugh my way through that last recommendation. The truth is, as long as Lucy’s naked by the end of the show, I’ll be happy.

See you in two weeks for my next prescription!


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