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I am enjoying General Hospital far more than I have in years, but for the past few weeks, the only storyline that has my full attention is Liz’s triangle. And that attention is in no small part due to the beautiful suit AJ wore during the Chew shenanigans. Sean Kanan is looking the best he has since his return.



aj suit

His earnestness in the role is quite relatable. I believe he’s genuinely trying to build good relationships with both Michael and Elizabeth, and I want him to succeed. But I also think Nik and Liz have far more chemistry than they had the first time around. That may be directly related to the amount of time Nik is spending shirtless.

I'd be staring just like Liz is.

I’d be staring just like Liz is.

Their first affair had a car wreck appeal—I couldn’t look away from how awful and wrong it was. But with Lucky gone, I find myself believing these two old friends could have a passionate romance after all. And I enjoy Jonathan Jackson on Nashville too much to wish he’d return for Liz and Lucky Redux #12. To sum up, this is a triangle with two stylish men, one gorgeous lady, and plenty of reason for me to invest in either relationship. Win, win, Show. Win, win.

I don’t feel as glowy about that other triangle. I’ll give you a minute to remember which one I’m talking about, because it’s not that memorable…there are teenagers involved…That’s right, it’s Molly, Rafe, and TJ!

teen triangle

I want to be interested, but I’m mainly annoyed I didn’t see more of Molly and TJ’s relationship before this obstacle was thrown in their way. And I think Rafe and Molly are the pairing I should root for because “poor Rafe has suffered so much” and blah, blah, blah. He doesn’t honestly seem that affected by it all. He’s a lost little lamb in the wilderness, certainly, but TJ was that too once upon a time. At least I think he was when he showed up in town and Shawn took him under his wing. TJ showed up out of the blue and bullied Shawn into taking him in, then he spent a lot of time being angry until Molly taught him to read and his attitude, and the actor, magically shifted. Did I get that right? TJ is one of those characters I shelved away as unimportant as soon as he arrived, so I must admit, I never paid close attention. I never expected him to last this long in the first place, but I’m strangely on his side in this triangle. It doesn’t help that smart Molly keeps coming across as romantically clueless. If she wants to be with TJ, she isn’t doing a good job of showing it.

And now let’s run through other plotlines I care about less than TJ’s backstory. The Falconeri cousins being harassed and then harassing the goons afterward? Don’t care. The One Life to Live Three returning to General Hospital in different roles? Don’t care. The Pickle Lila feud and food poisoning on the Chew? Don’t care beyond being far more entertained than I expected by the hosts of the Chew.

the chew

They were actually pretty fun to watch! But now the storyline will continue with Tracy and AJ, and I’ll get so sick of it, I’ll stop wishing I had a Pickle Lila t-shirt.

Laura marrying Scotty in Windermere of all places? Don’t care. Dante slowly winning over New Lulu with bad pick-up lines?

dante lulu boat

Okay, I care. I’ve always been a sucker for Dante’s cheesy attempts at romance, and I think New Lulu is successfully channeling Old Lulu’s fun rebellious streak. It’s at its most obvious when she’s with Dante and letting herself give into him, just a little. I can buy this Lulu slowly falling in love with her man again. She made him work for it the first time, too. But she really needs to get out of Milo’s orbit. And Dante needs to show more concern for Maxie at present. He’s never getting that baby, but he doesn’t know that! Sparks flying between Dante and Maxie bonding over missing the Lulu they know would add a whole new level to that storyline. And when it comes out that Dr. Britt is the one carrying Dante and Lulu’s baby, it’ll be amazing. That’s no spoiler; I just really, really hope Britt used their embryo because it’ll affect the whole canvas if all those secrets come out at once. Maxie, Spinelli, Patrick, Sabrina, Britt, Dante, Lulu, Ellie…it’s going to be crazy!

Prescription for Better Soap: Move Lulu out of Milo’s place as soon as possible. A third roommate could work in Maxie and Ellie’s apartment, complicating things even more than they already are. Move past Morgan’s gambling addiction fast. It’s more boring of a character reintroduction than a simple, “Mom, I’m home!” would have been. Continue making the triangle with AJ, Liz, and Nik as well-rounded as it is, and don’t shirk on nice suits for both men. Avoid making TJ the villain in the teens’ triangle, because it makes me resent Rafe more than I should.

Lastly, readers, you’ve probably noticed that my columns have been less frequent of late. That’s because I’m in the process of selling my house and moving cross-country! Who would have guessed it would bite into my General Hospital viewing and pondering? Okay, I probably should have guessed that. For the foreseeable future, my GH columns will probably appear closer to monthly than weekly. At least I’ll have a lot to say for each, right?


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