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I have said it before, and I’ll say it again — I am so happy that Todd Manning moved to Port Charles. Who else would call a meeting of the Port Charles One-Percenters? And wouldn’t that be an awesome band name?





How weird was it that Todd had to talk the rest of the band into producing the funds for the antiserum? He’s the newbie in town! I did not expect him to be the only one showing heart in that room. But maybe I should have had the opposite reaction. Maybe Todd’s the most self-absorbed of them all and thus the most motivated in order to save his own life. That’s probably more in line with the characterization we’ve seen for Todd so far. I still don’t get why everyone else was so calm and unruffled. I think I’d be making lists with Molly and TJ if it were my last day on Earth.

Another twist I didn’t expect is the dark turn Steve took when Ewen was brought in for treatment. Dr. Stephan Lars Webber is getting dark! First, we have his history in Memphis of letting a bad man die under his care, and now, he wavered for a very long time about helping Ewen because of his crimes.

I asked for more moral quandaries for the doctors a few months back, when I rather enjoyed the “will he or won’t he” of Patrick operating on Jason right after Robin’s death, and it appears I got my wish! I was honestly unsure that Steve would come through in the end. Imagine the citizens of Port Chuck heading into the hospital and us never knowing for sure whether Steve or another doctor thinks an individual patient is worth the saving — it could produce some finger-biting moments!

But General Hospital, why? Why did you take this from me?

So hot.

Ewen’s been a highlight for me this past year, and I didn’t even think I found blonds sexy anymore. And then he was ripped away from me, dying with secrets about Robin on his lips! This is all going to take me some time to process.

Transitioning back to Kristen Storms took no time at all. First, I loved Jennifer Lilley’s job as the temporary Maxie. She is cute as a button.

So is her fashion sense!

And I think she did a fabulous job capturing a lot of Maxie’s mannerisms and her general personality. But it’s lovely to have Kristen back, and I imagine it was quite a return to the show to have her first scenes be those very tender and vulnerable ones between Patrick and Maxie.

Both actors did wonderfully with that material, and I am continually impressed with Jason Thompson’s talent. How hilarious is it, though, that the neurosurgeon is somehow responsible for doing the research to find a cure for the illness? Was Robin the only researcher in the whole hospital? Oh soap contrivance, I love you.

Finally, a few quick thoughts before I finish writing this and delve into what’s apparently been an amazing start to General Hospital this week:

1. Jason and Sam’s fantasy of what their lives would have been like if they had never found out about the potential of the baby being Franco’s seemed like a nice consolation prize for that couples’ fans, especially because Steve Burton is leaving the show, so Sam and Jason are not going to be reuniting anytime soon.

2. Jax’s return to town highlighted how easily he and Carly fall into their roles as parents together.

I look at that family together and see how they interact, and Carly and Johnny’s relationship just seems like child’s play in comparison. Once upon a late 1990’s time, I would have never thought I’d be a fan of either Jax or Carly in any coupling, but apparently, I morphed into a fan of them together.

3. Kate 2.0 continues to lack that strong, independent woman vibe that I loved about Kate 1.0, but I will say this for her: she may have the most expressive eyebrows ever.

4. What was the point of teasing us with a half second of Duke Lavery-DUKE LAVERY!-then not following up for over two weeks?

That’s how you squander interest, show! We best be getting more teasers about his role in this all or I’ll start dusting off my jokes about how he’s had new plastic surgery, and this time it’s made him invisible. Believe me, you want to spare us all that.

See you in two weeks for the next Doctor’s Order!

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