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In the past month, Heather Webber jumped off the hospital roof, Daniel Morgan displayed the ability to teleport right into his father’s arms, that same father ended up shot by Duke Lavery and swimming with the fishes, and Heather Webber woke up with nothing more than a head wound from the fall. Am I caught up?




Says Steve, “I’ll check on that.”

Steve’s on it. It cracked me up how little surprise and interest he showed in his mother waking. Mainly, he looked inconvenienced, and I can’t say I blame him! Not sure I’d want her to wake up if she were my mom.

So Jason’s “dead,” except I won’t believe it as long as Sam doesn’t either. In fact, I’ll probably hold out longer because she’s already showing some signs of realizing he’s really not there. The body wasn’t found, and we all know what that means. It means that Steve Burton has an open invitation to return for as long as this show lasts. It also means that Sam is due for more happy family delusions like this one.

I hope she doesn’t end up actually delusional because there have been far too many emotionally unstable women on this show in recent years. Heather, Liz, Lisa, that one woman whose name eludes me…

I admit, I just wish I didn’t know who Connie was. Maybe someday she’ll do something I find interesting, not merely incredibly annoying. That’s only happened once so far in her year of terror:

The cake murder still cracks me up. Don’t tell anyone, but I do like her with Johnny more than I ever liked Carly with Johnny.  Mainly, I’m of the mind that if Johnny wants to continue being a woeful, idiot mobster, then he deserves to be harassed all day long.

Can anyone tell me who these people are?

I’ve caught up on the last month of shows, and I still don’t know. Something about Patrick and babysitting? I admit, my lack of knowledge is a bit of willful ignorance. I am by no means clamoring for Patrick to have a romantic triangle. BY NO MEANS. So I’ll pretend that’s not happening at all, which is difficult when they slip in a Nurses’ Ball reference!

From the mouth of babes, Show, the mouth of babes. This isn’t just tugging of my heartstrings, right? They wouldn’t mention it and not put one on this year, would they? That’s too cruel to contemplate, so let’s move on to the one new face I like.

Ellie is a-okay with me because I am so tired of Maxie and Spinelli. Spinelli pined over Maxie for years. His dejected looks are cues for me to pick up something to poke my eyes out with—I just can’t watch them anymore. So having him in a sweet relationship with someone only 30% as annoying as Winifred works wonders for me.

Remember her? I don’t want to either.

Ellie is really, really into Spinelli and she calls him Damian, which I know is supposed to signify that she doesn’t get him like Maxie does, but I think it’s cute. She’s also so willing to let Maxie be part of their lives rather than being jealous. She’s super nice, and frankly, Maxie can afford to be the jilted lover for a while. Heaven knows Spinelli’s had his turn at it.

I’ll finish this parade of new faces with a new-old one, AJ Quartermaine.

Oops! Not that AJ, but this one.

I enjoyed Billy Warlock’s performance more than Sean Kanan’s in the past, but Kanan had a great arrogance in the role, and I’m intrigued to see his take on a fully adult AJ. So far, AJ’s about as impulsive and hotheaded as he’s always been. I hope he’s managed to get a little maturing in during his “dead” years. I’m so glad that the character is not dead, as plenty of us have hoped for years. AJ has a lot of story left in him as long as he’s not solely used as a foil for Sonny and Jason. He’ll have to go up against the ghost of Jason in Michael’s heart, regardless. I’m excited for Chad Duell having more meaty material to chew, and it’ll be interesting to see him and Starr dealing with his returned father.

Can this new love handle major family issues?

Mostly, though, I’m glad Monica has an excuse to smile. And where did Stuart Damon come from!?

I didn’t expect him to show up! Bonus points for you, Powers that Be. Bonus points for you! Is he a legitimate ghost? The hand on Tracy’s shoulder would seem to imply it. And if we have AJ back from the dead, I’m more than ready to embrace the ghost of Alan Quartermaine, too.

Prescription for Better Soap: Keep up these surprise reappearances of old characters, whether just in a photograph like Lucy Coe or in unexpected hauntings like Alan. Also, I would not be averse to Patrick’s little dating life woes falling by the wayside entirely.

See you in two weeks to get your Doctor’s Order refilled!

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