The Doctor’s Order

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The last two weeks featured the introduction of Lila Rae Alcazar, the death of Edward Quartermaine, and the returns of Ned Ashton, Skye Chandler, and Robert Scorpio. But I think I should begin with something of great significance. Something I never thought would happen and actually dreaded should it occur. I’m talking, of course, of Dante’s haircut.

I was such a fan of his luscious, wispy locks, but this—


–is better. And it comes with a healthy dose of continually supportive Husband Dante. I am annoyed that Lulu destroyed their adoption chances, but Dante took it in stride. He knows Lulu inside and out, her fears and complexes, and he doesn’t hold them against her. He just loves her more for them. But man, Lulu is insecure, isn’t she? I have to applaud how she’s been crafted into such a mess of a character, sabotaging herself whenever she wants anything. It’s like she really is the lovechild of the defunct Luke and Laura relationship with a toxic dose of Cousin Carly in the mix. Her characterization makes sense, even if I occasionally (often) want to strangle her.

And what better segue could there be into talking about Quartermaines than strangulation?

There is none amongst them who hasn’t felt the urge to off another of their fold, but it doesn’t stop them from coming together when someone actually is removed from that fold. In this case, of course, it was Edward.

I’ve already written about my great respect for John Ingle’s performance as Edward Quartermaine. I had wondered how they would write out the character, and I could not have been more pleased that they decided to do it on Thanksgiving. There is nothing like Thanksgiving at the Quartermaines. Watching an annual episode that features them is essentially a tradition in my household at this point. It was nice that a few characters had farewell moments with Edward, or at least his stand-in, before he passed.

He met his second great-grandson, Daniel, and he was able to hear from Michael, Tracy, and Monica once more. I thought I’d lose it once the family started showing up.

It was wonderful to see Ned appear and comfort his mother, but that didn’t do me in. Nor did Skye’s reappearance, this time with a SORAS’d Lila Rae in tow. I even made it through Ned’s remark that Tracy was the only one left of her family from her childhood and the montage of flashbacks. But darn it all, Tracy seeing an impression of Edward before singing, and then his voice filling in with everyone else’s for their annual song, did me in.

Throw in a fake Edward and Lila heading up their stairs and into the sunlight together, and I was goner.

Darn you, GH! I thought I was safe from tears! Why did you have to—oh, who am I kidding? I love it when you twist my emotions like that. It’s why we’re still together after all these years.

I’ll just ignore that Heather was ever there. I’m forgiving like that.

I am also enjoying how content Sam is these days, even if she’s in denial about Jason (though we all know she’s right). I’ve never been the biggest Sam fan, except when she’s drunk, but seeing her with her child, at last, has been sweet.

Much of her character journey has been about how much she wants a child. The miscarriages and deaths of children she’s had to endure have been brutal. To see her finally with Daniel, even if his father is currently out of the picture, is a lovely thing to behold. Motherhood suits Sam Morgan, and I’m happy she finally has the chance to experience it fully.

Prescription for Better Soap: Keep honoring history like this tribute episode to John Ingle (and Jane Elliot’s acting prowess) did, and you’ll go far, General Hospital. We, your longtime viewers, have a relationship with your characters, and we are grateful when you give us the chance to grieve them too. Also, keep Dante’s barber around, because this guy—

–could use a trim.


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