The Doctor’s Order

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In the space of one week, we’ve had significant screen time devoted to two possibly returning characters: Lorenzo Alcazar and Lucy Coe. I am mildly interested in the return of Lorenzo, but teasing Lucy Coe and the Nurses’ Ball is like sprinkling catnip all over my favorite fake mouse. If I were a cat, that is. Perhaps the clearer description would be to declare that I’ll put up with Sabrina for it.

I’ll also put up with her because Liz needs a friend (more on that later) and because she’s mostly harmless.

Her glasses are harmful to my retinas, but I’m forgiving.

I don’t loathe Sabrina like I do the other chick revolving around Patrick. No, I am not going to bother to look up her name or post a picture. She’s not worth it. Though I do wonder how she will eventually earn her epic smack down from Patrick. We know it’s coming, just like we know a Sabrina makeover is due soon. Apparently, that will come courtesy of new nurse Coe Co. Lipstick.

I’m not bothering to look up his name either. But that has less to do with him being a waste of time—no one who connects us with Lucy Coe is a waste of time—and more to do with me being lazy. Plus, the only impression he’s left with me so far is “Lucy Coe! Lucy Coe! You better call her right away! Lucy Coe!”

As for Lorenzo and this gaggle of sniping women—

–I’m not particularly excited. I never saw him and Blair on One Life to Live, so I’m not concerned with their relationship. I missed most of his relationship with Carly, too. He and Skye were kind of fun, but didn’t she try to have him killed by Jason? Why does she want her daughter to see him again? I’m moderately invested in Todd getting Blair back, though he’s done nothing to deserve her. That’s the only angle I see to work so far.

I spent a lot of time despising both Carly and young Michael in the 2000s. So having Carly spend her time yelling at Michael now is rather therapeutic.

She spent so many years justifying taking him from his father, so now that she has to justify that choice to him, she’s grasping at straws. It’s so satisfying. I will keep saying that until it’s not.

AJ’s moment with Liz in the hospital was unexpectedly sweet, especially when he gave her the picture of Jason.

I appreciated the reminder that Jason had come to regret taking Michael from AJ. I also appreciated the reminder that Jason matters to Liz and she is grieving for him. Did she handle their last flirtation well? Not at all. But we should still see her dealing with his absence, and I’m glad she has a new friend in Sabrina to help. Plus, she’s also making the Nurses’ Ball happen, so she can do no wrong with me right now. At least until she steals another file folder from the police to protect a mobster boyfriend.

Finally, Olivia is an awesome mother-in-law for Lulu. Even with LSD visions—

Aw, pretty puppy.

–she’s remarkably strong and stable, and Lulu needs that sort of influence. Calming Lulu during her hormonal freak-out and telling her to fix her mascara was cute. If only Lulu had her own mother around to share in those things…though I wonder how many other returning characters this show could fit! We can’t take space away from Lucy!

Prescription for Better Soap: Keep building those small connections between characters like AJ and Liz, Lulu and Liv, and Liz and Sabrina that we wouldn’t necessarily expect. Give me a reason to care if Lorenzo Alcazar comes back. And above all else, get Lucy on this show!

See you in two weeks for my next prescription!


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